Reiki is an old Japanese healing method. It is a self-contained healing system that unlocks, restores and balances natural energy, reduces stress, prevents disorders and maintains positive feeling of well-being, peace and confidence. Reiki is a powerful tool for personal development and spiritual enlightenment. Reiki energy makes one feel in harmony with Life and the Universe. If a desire to heal at deeper levels is present the results can change the whole life outlook.


The meridian Axiatonal lines that are equivalent to acupuncture lines, are not limited to our physical body but are open ended. Originally these lines were connected to higher energy planes. Over time this connection was lost. Reconnecting these lines with higher energy grids furthers spiritual evolution as well as the renewing and regenerating functions of the body.




"What you are doing is bringing light and information on the planet." This was one of the messages Dr. Pearl received when the miraculous healings started to happen. Nowadays, in addition to teaching he lectures to medical doctors and at universities.

Reconnective Healing utilizes new energy frequency for the healing. It reconnects our very essence with the source energies of the Universe. The healing works at all levels, body, mind and spirit. The result can be a miraculous healing or a more subtle one, working on spirit and mind level, promoting positive growth.


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